At the beginning of each module, a team of expert Salus Global Facilitators meets with the Core Team to help develop a vision for the unit, present an overview of the program goals and structure as well as focus on the content and performance expectations for the specific module.

These sessions are interactive and provide many opportunities for Core Team Members to work together to identify and incorporate their unit safety goals into the plans and strategies for implementing the MOREOB Program.

All members of the Core Team are required to attend all program orientation sessions, and must arrange to sign out of their clinical and/or administrative responsibilities during these periods. A complete implementation plan with identified milestones and timelines set by the Core Team will be developed by the end of each session. The MOREOB Program Consultant coaches the team to keep to the timelines and goals it has set for itself.

Core Team Orientation for each Module

Module 1 – Learning Together

Module 1 Orientation involves a two-day (eight hours per day) session for the Core Team. It includes a general orientation to the magnitude of clinical error, safety theory, principles and practices. It also covers specific information about the MOREOB Program goals, tools and implementation processes as well as specific orientation to the elements of the module.

Module 2 – Working Together

Module 2 Orientation involves a one-day (eight-hour) session for the Core Team. This session builds on the Core Team’s experience in Module 1, and focuses on the objectives, tools and strategies for Module 2.

Module 3 – Changing the Culture

Module 3 Orientation involves a one-day (eight-hour) session for the Core Team, building on previous learning and focusing on the objectives, tools and strategies for Module 3.

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