The Core Team is a local interprofessional group representative of the Birthing Unit’s make up. It includes family physicians, obstetricians, midwives and nurses as well as "Change Facilitators" including risk management personnel, senior administrators, and a governing body/board member.

The mandate of the Core Team is to lead the implementation of the MOREOB Program within its hospital, monitor unit progress, and evaluate the outcome of each module using up to date turnkey tools.

Core Team are required to provide a signed commitment form indicating their commitment to their team and that he/she has read the mandate and understands their responsibilities.

In addition to receiving a Core Team Selection Guide, each member receives a comprehensive orientation to the suite of tools contained in all of the modules of the program. Guided by their MOREOB Program Consultant, the members of the Core Team are also taught how to use these tools to transfer information to all of the other participants engaged in the program.

The leadership provided by the members of the Core Team is pivotal for the successful implementation of the MOREOB Program. The members of the Core Team must be readily identifiable by their peers, colleagues and the public. They are selected for their exemplary leadership skills as well as for their interest in obstetrical patient safety, quality of care and risk management. It is also necessary that hospital administration support Core Team Members’ own professional development in recognition of their time commitment and leadership.

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