A multi-faceted program


Whether small, medium sized or large hospitals, labor and delivery, Emergency or other units, Salus Global engages all touch points to drive interprofessional teams to work better together.

Our team of qualified healthcare professionals brings decades of experience in healthcare and extensive training in the dynamics of interdependent teams through the leading-edge field of Relational Coordination. In fact, work with the only team of certified Relational Coordination professionals in Canada.

An essential element of success is our hands-on, partnership approach to the implementation of our programs. A Salus Global Lead Facilitator works with your team to assess its specific needs, build tailored solutions, remove obstacles and monitor success.

  • Delivered onsite
  • Led by an interprofessional Core Team of frontline care providers, who receive ongoing training and support in program implementation
  • Supported by an executive sponsor and an organizational support team of hospital leaders
  • Guided by a Salus Global Lead Facilitator throughout the Program


MOREOB offers more program flexibility — using short change cycles called Milestones designed with durations to keep the team focused and targeted on site-specific outcomes and goals.

The MOREOB Program’s initial engagement is approximately three years, in a series of flexible Milestones (customized goals) set by the Core Team, to reflect unit needs and objectives for learning, safety and quality improvements.

The diagram below depicts a sample rollout of the key components of the MOREOB Program over the initial three year period. The actual number, duration and content focus of the Milestones are flexible according to the unique needs and circumstances of the teams at each organization.

Features Program


MOREOB Online is an interactive, user-friendly web-based platform that helps individuals and teams effectively work through the MOREOB Program.

An optimized online user experience which is simple, engaging and intuitive, with features such as:

  • + User-friendly design with a logical flow and easy navigation
  • + Customizable homepage
  • + Centralized logging with unique user account for each participant
  • + Status wheels to track progress to goals
  • + Clinical content updated annually and featuring a built in highlight tool
  • + Tools to support Milestones (goal-setting)

We are able to offer even MORE great features that will help teams achieve a significant reduction in adverse events, a measurable reduction in costs and improved teamwork and communication across all disciplines.

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More than OB

We can apply a similar approach to communication and teamwork that we bring to OB to adjacent maternal/infant care departments and even other hospital units such as emergency, ICU, cardiology, and other risk management areas.