The MOREOB Program will put patient safety in the DNA of your hospital’s Birthing Unit.

Its implementation is led by your own interprofessional Core Team, which is representative of the Unit's make up. It includes family physicians, obstetricians, midwives and nurses as well as risk management personnel, senior administrators and a governing body/board member.

The Program itself is divided into three modules. At the beginning of each module, an expert team of Salus Global Facilitators will meet with the Core Team to help develop a vision for the unit, present an overview of the program goals and structure, and focus on the content and performance expectations for the specific module. These sessions are interactive and will provide many opportunities for Core Team Members to identify and incorporate their unit safety goals into the strategies for implementing the MOREOB Program in their unit.

In addition, each member of the Core Team receives comprehensive Orientation to the suite of tools contained in all of the modules of the program, and how to use these tools to transfer information to all of the other participants engaged in the program.

Throughout the duration of the MOREOB Program, the Core Team is supported by a MOREOB Program Consultant. A role unique to our program’s approach, the Program Consultant provides ongoing guidance, support and assistance, using the wisdom of 13,000 other participants to help the Core Team successfully meet its safety, communication and teamwork goals.

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