Better Moms and babiesDuring the first three years of the Program, the culture improves towards one of a just culture of patient safety. Communication, teamwork, knowledge and process are also improved, leading to improved quality of life at work. Clinical improvements follow: statistically significant improvements have been noted in length of stay, reduced infants on ventilators and with severe morbidity among others. Long-term benefits are also noted in reduced liability claim costs and catastrophic infant events.

What is also clear is that the Unit can reach the “visionary” stage. This leads to even broader and wider ranging effects - the MORE effect.

Since the Unit begins to run itself, the luxury of "looking forward" is now within the reach of all. In this stage the establishment of the Program at the Unit level creates a larger vision for the entire region’s maternity services. We have all too frequently "heard the stories", we felt it was time to start to share them.

We, collectively, are making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families, in our professional lives and in the way we deliver maternity services to our friends and neighbors - the communities we serve. We are all of critical importance in making our Health System better.

Here are some examples of the great strides some units are making:

Diving into new endeavors-Using MOREOB principles to introduce and integrate the use of birthing pools on our labor unit

Postpartum Hemorrhage Skills Drills and Emergency Cart

Bi-Weekly Multi-disciplinary Prenatal Rounds North of 60

Jeu de société AMPROOB

Rounding the curve in taking a patient safety culture to the next level at Windsor Regional Hospital

Utilizing the MOREOB Program to Spread the Culture of Safety to All Maternal-Child Units