The MOREOB Program model breaks down traditional hierarchy and practices and redirects the focus toward teamwork.

Over three modules, the program incorporates adult education principles, reflective learning, practice modification, and evaluation as the foundation for motivating change and maintaining a current clinical knowledge base.

Module 1 - Learning Together

The first module seeks to develop quick wins by putting all disciplines on the same page. When people actually learn together in the same room, tackling problems and challenges together that all unit members have prioritized, it leads to positive impact on communication and trust. Everyone realizes that the team is more effective than the “one.” There is a better understanding of each other’s roles, responsibilities and knowledge - and a belief that everyone has something important to contribute.

Module 2 – Working Together

When an interprofessional team works together, it creates a community of practice. Team members share a common interest and they recognize that reflective learning results in shared knowledge. All team members are empowered to speak up and identify what might be getting in the way of patient care and safety. There is no second-guessing because each team member can witness the other making the right call, the right decision and the best response. Everyone performs better. When a crisis hits, the entire team is much better prepared to deal with it.

Module 3 – Changing the Culture

Birthing Units that have implemented processes and strategies that embed a culture of safety in every aspect of their training and working environment have seen their unit culture transform. There is open communication, increased trust and respect amongst all members of the team, improved maternal and neonatal outcomes and reductions in harmful events.

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