MOREOB program becoming dominant practice in Canadian obstetrics: Milne

Wednesday October 28, 2009 -- Camille Jensen

British Columbia’s Northern Health Region has won a 2009 B.C. Patient Safety and Quality Council award for its regional implementation of the Managing Obstetric Risk Efficiently (MOREOB) program.

The program was launched in 2006 in the region and is a comprehensive three-year patient safety, professional development and performance improvement program for caregivers and administrators in hospital obstetrics units.

Ninety-three per cent of Northern Health obstetrical healthcare providers including physicians, midwives, nurses and administrators have been participating in the program. Upon evaluating the outcomes, the Patient Safety and Quality Council says the health region has experienced a growth in leadership capacity towards safe patients care practices. Statistical information from the B.C. Perinatal Health Program database also shows improvements to the number of labour inductions, caesarean-section deliveries and newborns with cord blood gases after delivery.

Dr. Ken Milne, president and CEO of Salus Global Corporation and creator of MOREOB, says he is pleased to see the program implemented across an entire region with positive outcomes.

“We are very proud of the work that the teams have done out in B.C. and very pleased to see the success that they have had,” says Milne. “It’s always rewarding to see (the) efforts that we are involved with are having this kind of impact and are now being recognized by others.”

While this is the first time the program has been recognized provincially, MOREOB has been implemented in hospitals across Canada with positive results, notes Milne. He says currently 181 Canadian hospitals are using the MOREOB program when delivering obstetrical care and new hospitals are set to come on board before the end of the year.

With 326 hospitals offering obstetrics in the country, Milne says the patient safety initiative is becoming a dominant practice across Canada. In addition, Salus is expanding the program to the United States after signing a licensing agreement with the Risk Management & Patient Safety Institute (RM&PSI) in January 2009.

The success of MOREOB has also helped Salus create new tools based on similar principles and processes to apply in other healthcare settings. Collectively known as the 9 + one program, Milne says the new initiative is generating interest from healthcare providers who have seen results with using MOREOB.

“We are delighted that people are interested in seeing what has been accomplished in the obstetrical arena and asking can some of these be transferred to other areas of the hospital," he says. "And the answer from us is a resounding yes.”

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