When something happens to an infant or his or her mother, it affects everyone.
44,000 to 98,000 patient deaths per year result from healthcare provider error
$38 billion annually overall social cost of clinical error
MOREOB features
MOREOB is about helping teams provide the best care for mothers and their newborns
1,000,000+ births
>80% of births in Canada occur in MOREOB hospitals
MOREOB Hospitals
We’ve worked with some of the best hospitals in North America
300+ hospitals
>16,000+ participants
Case Studies
We have amazing stories to share where teams have come together to improve infant and mother outcomes
10 day reduction in ICU stays
5.9% reduction in C-sections
Clinical issues
What clinical issues is your team facing? We help OB teams build strategies to address common challenges in obstetrics.
Post-Partum Hemorrhage
C-section rates

A meaningful impact

We continue to help OB teams achieve better results by: building a shared knowledge base; helping contribute to harmonization of practice; improvement in interprofessional communication and collaboration; and fostering a sustained culture change.

By learning and working together in their own practice environment throughout the program, the obstetrical care team develops the collective knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors and practices that build and sustain a culture of safety and continuous quality improvement.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about the MOREOB Program impact:

“The MOREOB Program takes away the hierarchy within the team so that everyone’s opinion is respected, everyone can identify risk, and everyone is valued in their assessment of the patient.”
“While all challenging situations can’t be prevented, the learning from the MOREOB Program improves how they are dealt with and having the additional structure helps guide teams to better outcomes.”
”The reality of healthcare is that in every point along the system there exists the risk of something going wrong, so it is important the team learns to communicate in order to reduce that risk and the MOREOB Program can help that happen.”
“The work will continue after the initial three-year commitment, as we bring new staff onboard and continue to update our team’s skills and best practices.”
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More than OB

We can apply a similar approach to communication and teamwork that we bring to OB to adjacent maternal/infant care departments and even other hospital units such as emergency, ICU, cardiology, and other risk management areas.