Interprofessional in purpose, format, and implementation, the MOREOB Program emphasizes that patient safety is everyone’s responsibility, all of the time.

With this approach, the MOREOB Program recognizes that a hospital’s obstetrical unit has many of the characteristics that define High Reliability Organizations (HROs). HROs are complex, intensely interactive and technical environments in which a variety of professional disciplines with diverse roles and responsibilities work together. They carry out their demanding tasks day in and day out and seldom have a catastrophic error in their operating systems. In addition, the public has high expectations for their reliability.

After over a decade of experience, the MOREOB Program knows that the following HRO principles can be successfully adopted within the culture of obstetrical units:

  • Safety is the priority and is everyone’s responsibility
  • Communication is highly valued
  • Operations are a team effort
  • Emergencies are rehearsed
  • Hierarchy disappears in an emergency. Decisions on safety issues can be made at any level of the organization
  • There is multidisciplinary review of events and routines

©American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM). Reprinted with permission.

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