On Thursday, October 16th, 2008, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center celebrated the completion of Module 3. The Mayor and the media were invited to attend the day of celebration and the Mayor presented the hospital with a proclamation of success.    Dennis Ehrich, VP has been active behind the scenes from Day One and now 3 years later the Senior Team was instrumental in planning the day of celebration for the Core Team and participants. 

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

Salus Global Corporation(SGC) presenting a plaque of recognition to St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center for being the first site in the United States of America to complete the three-year MOREOB Program L-R: Michael Vezina, COO, SGC, Sheri DeMeester, U.S. Regional Representative, SGC, Dr. James Brown, Obstetrician, Co-Chair and Mary Davis, Maternal Child Services Director, Co-Chair.