The Core Team of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada took teaching to a new level by combining high fidelity simulation and standardized patients as teaching modalities within the framework of a standardized obstetrical patient safety training program: MOREOB.

The MOREOB Program provides a structured approach to developing a culture of Patient Safety, and along with it improved clinical outcomes and resource utilization. Within the Program resides a complete and up to date library of turnkey 'low fidelity - in situ' simulations. This team wanted more. And they rose to the challenge.

Good fortune mixed a great team with lofty goals with access to the McGill Medical Simulation Centre. They designed two clinical scenarios for each of their participants to experience. The Core Team first taught the participants the key elements of conducting a Root Cause Analysis and disclosure (both components of the MOREOB Program). The participants then met with the standardized patients (actors representing the mother and father) and had a disclosure conversation.

This approach was quite unique and they submitted a poster abstract to the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare conference hosted by the British Journal of Medicine (BMJ) and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) which took place in Paris France April 17-21, 2012. The selection committee also found it unique and the Poster was accepted for presentation at the conference.

Congratulations Team Royal Victoria! Keep moving that "bar"!!

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