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When things go wrong, the focus is often on the human actions immediately preceding the adverse event, rather than reviewing the whole system’s safety practices. As a result, safety is treated as an isolated issue, without real learning from the experience having taken place nor taking real action to prevent it from happening again.

The key to increasing patient safety and managing adverse events is the creation of a new model of care that breaks down the traditional hierarchy and makes patient safety the priority.

This is where the MOREOB Program comes in. A professional development and performance improvement program that unfolds over three modules, it puts safety in the DNA of the Birthing Unit – including physicians, midwives, nurses, and all other stakeholders in the unit.

The MOREOB Program focuses on the review of No Harm Events to find the root causes. It does not assign blame. The emphasis of the review is on understanding why certain decisions were made and how organizational systems affected the event. The purpose is to enable the caregivers to learn from the event, share their findings with peers, and make recommendations that will prevent a similar event from recurring.

By eliminating the culture of blame, the MOREOB Program builds confidence in competency and improves patient safety and the quality of care. In addition, it decreases adverse events and clinical errors by providing data to support change and encouraging collaboration among all stakeholders in obstetrical care units. The entire program is built on the principles of High Reliability Organizations (HRO) and of Crew Resource Management.

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